Avatars have a level, based on how much Avatar XP they accrued.

Players will obtain Avatar XP when they land the correct Outcome of a match.

  • Uncommon and Rare League Passes grant 1 Avatar XP per correct outcome.

  • Epic+ League Passes grant 2 Avatar XP per correct outcome.

Avatar levels will unlock:

  • Skill points to spend in the Skill Tree.

  • New features, including crafting and equipment slots.

Extra avatar XP can be purchased for RUSH. The exchange rate will be added at a later stage.

In the long run, Avatars will be completed to support other Sports offered in the Pooky ecosystem.

Leveling values are available in the spreadsheet below. Please note that Avatars are an open-ended system, new levels can be added later.

πŸ”— Avatar Levelling Spreadsheet

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