Skill Tree

Avatar skills allow players to change their gameplay and forge a custom strategy.

  • Players receive 1 skill point for each Avatar level.

  • Skills are spread into several branches. Some skills require you to spend enough points on a given branch to become unlockable.

  • Skill trees will be resettable, for a fee in RUSH based on the players' level.

We're aiming to make the skill tree diverse and meaningful. Some keystone skills include:

  • Unlock a 3rd Booster slot.

  • Receive points if you had the correct score at 90' minutes.

  • Decide which Booster you receive when you merge several of them.

  • Unlock the Double-edged Sword boosters, combining crazy positive and negative effects.

  • Unlock rare Crafting recipes.

This prototype website lets users understand how the skill tree will function. All skills and numbers there are placeholders for demo purposes and are likely to change.


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