🍷BOOSTERS (Consumables)

Boosters are power-ups which can be used at match level.

Introduction to Boosters

Boosters are strategic power-ups designed to elevate the match prediction experience. These tools enable players to selectively enhance their predictions, adding a layer of tactical depth to our strategic football prediction game.

Functionality and Strategy

By integrating boosters, players gain the ability to influence the outcome of their match predictions from various angles. This feature enriches the daily gameplay, allowing for a more nuanced approach to strategy within the game's broader framework.

Usage and Accessibility

Each player can deploy up to two boosters per match as a standard practice. Progression in the game, marked by the development of player avatars, grants access to a third booster slot, broadening the strategic options available.

Rarity and Impact

Boosters are categorised by rarity levels, from Uncommon to Mythic. The rarity of a booster directly impacts its effectiveness, with higher-tier boosters providing more power. This system encourages players to seek out rarer boosters for a competitive edge.

Boosters are not just add-ons but a major layer of strategic gameplay in our football prediction game. They offer a blend of strategy and progression, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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