Obtaining Boosters

There are several ways of obtaining Boosters:

  • Weekly generation from League Passes

    • Every week, on Tuesday 6am CEST, each equipped League Pass will generate a set number of Boosters.

    • The generated Boosters are randomly selected, with an equal probability for each type of Consumable.

    • Equipped League Passes will generate Boosters, regardless of whether the League is playing during the given week.

  • Boosters generators

    • At the account level, players can add Boosters generators based on their collection size.

  • Modify Boosters

    • Players will be able to combine 2 Boosters, to get one of a higher Rarity.

    • Players will be able to reroll a Booster into another one, for a RUSH cost.

  • Avatar Skills

  • Crafting

    • Players will be able to create and use new Boosters through the crafting system.

Booster Inventory Cap

  • A player can hold up to 2x the amount he generates every week. This is only checked at the time of the weekly generation event, meaning that during the week, it is possible to pass this cap through crafting actions.

  • If a player's inventory is full on Tuesday at 6am, priority will be given to new Boosters of higher rarity when filling the remaining space. Any new Boosters that exceed the inventory limit will be permanently lost.

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