1. Players Unlock a League

Your first choice will be to select your first league and get the matching League Pass from our Shop.

2. Predict & Boost Matchdays

Players will predict the current Matchday of their unlocked leagues.

They predict the scores and use their Boosters on matches of their choosing to boost their points.

There is no restriction to prediction once you unlock a league - you can predict all matches.

3. Players Receive Ranks and Rewards

Players are rewarded:

  • at the end of the Matchday

  • at the end of the calendar Month

See the detailed section: Rewards

4. Players Improve Their Collection

You can spend your hard-earned rewards to refine your strategy, unlock cool items, develop your avatar... and position yourself for a higher ranking in the upcoming week!

5. Players either repeat from step 2 or unlock new leagues and repeat from step 1

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