Possible Rewards by Source

Reward typeReward sourcePurchasable?


  • Pro Leaderboards, based on Rank

Only by swapping it against $RUSH. $RUSH can be obtained on a exchange.

ScoreRushDollars (SRD)

  • Referrals

  • Pro Leaderboards

  • Free Leaderboards

Yes - in fiat, crypto, or RUSH

League XP

  • Any prediction points from Matches awards League XP to the relevant League Pass

  • Some Pass Stickers, Boosters, and Crafted items, boost your League XP gains

Yes/Capped, in RUSH

Players can purchase up to twice the amount Earned

Team Stickers

Any Exact Score awards Team Stickers of each participating Team

Yes/Capped, in ScoreRushDollars

Players can purchase up to a limit of their League Pass level


  • Passively generated on a weekly basis

  • Avatars can modify this generation

  • Booster Generators

  • Crafting

Avatar XP

Any correct Outcome awards avatar XP to your account

Yes, in RUSH

Crafting Boxes

Leaderboards, based on Rank

Up to a weekly limit, in RUSH

Guild Currency

Any prediction points from Matches awards Guild Currency, if you are part of a Guild.

Yes, in RUSH or ScoreRushDollars

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