Reward pool calculation

Reward Pools

Total Reward Pool

Each month, a percentage of the Unallocated $RUSH supply will be distributed to reward pools in the form of RUSH. This percentage will depend on the number of players per competition and the maximum monthly distribution of $RUSH. See TOKENOMICS - $RUSH, ScoreRushToken for more details.

It will be split between Matchdays, Monthly competitions, and Best of Rarity rankings, based on league pass spending per League.

On top of the RUSH reward, other valuable rewards are more widely distributed across the ranking curve. Those will mostly be a function of player base size and spending.

Initial Distribution System: Global Ranking

All players will initially be ranked, from best to worst, on their Prediction points.

This will be the case for both the Matchday and the Monthly competitions.

Rewards Distribution Curve

  • 50% of players get RUSH (proportional to their ranking)

  • 100% of players get other rewards (proportional to their ranking)

  • In the future, other rewards could include extra XP, Team Stickers, crafting materials, Avatar XP, and future cosmetic items

In more detail:

  • The Leaderboards are divided into 10 segments, with the top 9 segments each receiving an equal portion of RUSH rewards.

  • The top-ranked segments contain fewer players - meaning they all get a bigger share of the segment reward. Think of it as splitting 9 cakes, but the higher tables have fewer people sharing the cake.

    • It's important to note that due to rounding and the varying number of players on the leaderboards, those at the highest ranks may notice threshold effects. Consequently, for leaderboards with fewer than 100 players, the distribution of rewards is fixed and rounded to ensure fairness.

  • The last segment will receive a basic participation reward - a random amount of SRD ranging between 0.05 and 0.2 SRD for Uncommon passes, 0.1 to 0.5 SRD for other passes.

Segment numberSegment sizeRUSH rewards


0.10 %

11.11 %


0.20 %

11.11 %


0.40 %

11.11 %


0.80 %

11.11 %


1.25 %

11.11 %


2.50 %

11.11 %


5.00 %

11.11 %


12.00 %

11.11 %


27.75 %

11.11 %


50.00 %

0 %

Target Evolution: Divisions

Once we reach enough players for a given league (several thousands), we'll be looking at setting up a Divisions system for the Matchday framework.

Those would make smaller group of players compete against one another, with top-ranked players going up a division, and lower-ranked players going down a division.

Higher divisions would share proportionally more rewards.

For players to understand better how we're looking at the Divisions system, we built a basic simulator, hosted at

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