✍️Changelog and Patchnotes

03/07 - v1.1.1
  • New ScoreRush version available on iOS, allowing players to refer their friends and get great rewards for the Free mode.

  • Vocabulary has been further standardised throughout the whitepaper.

  • Balance changes on the upcoming PRO:

    • Consumable baseline power has been generally reduced

    • 1 Pass Attribute point now contributes linearly to power across rarities

    • Base Attributes and Attributes per level have been adjusted across rarities

      Developers' note: we're expecting to have a few waves of balance changes in the next months, as we're further preparing for the Pro game and advance in the scope development.

  • Booster Generators are now restricted to 1 of each rarity+type combination.

    Developers' note: this limits some uni-dimensional strategies which could emerge at very high progression levels.

10/06 - v1.1.0
  • The official game name has been revealed! Welcome to ScoreRush.

  • ScoreRush beta version will soon be available for playing, on the Google and Apple app stores.

  • A lot of game concepts have been renamed, without functional changes.

  • The Teams system has been overhauled: see TEAM STICKERS

    Developers' note: with this change, we're bringing Team Boosters at the account level, and make them tradable. We're also solving some of the unintuitive interactions between national local leagues and international competitions between clubs.

13/05 - v1.0.4

Added section: Free-to-play mode

19/04 - v1.0.3

This update is mostly centered around Tokenomics. Please remember that parameters are highly subject to change as we keep improving our modelling.

  • Further clarification on the TOKENOMICS - $RUSH, ScoreRushToken, which has been broken down into subpages for easier reading.

  • Tokenomics allocation schedules have been added in Initial allocation and schedules

  • Tokenomics parameters adjusted:

    • Burn rate is now set at 8% (up from 1%)

    • Rewards refill share of TPK-REPLICA spending proportionally decreased at 82.8% (down from 89%) (90% of the non-burnt amount)

    • Pooky Treasury share of TPK-REPLICA spending proportionally decreased at 9.2% (down from 10%) (10% of the non-burnt amount)

    Developers' note: increasing the burn rate and keeping the Rewards/Treasury split is essentially neutral, because the burn has a proportional appreciation effect on the price to the reduction in Rewards/Treasury allocations.

  • Spending $TPK to purchase PookyDollar is now granting an extra 10% PookyDollar above the market value.

    Developers' note: this is extra utility for anyone looking to optimise their spending values to buy PookyDollar-stamped items.

  • Pass Attributes are now featuring a Team Attribute on top of existing mechanics.

    Developers' note: keeping the differenciation of a team on the League Pass, from the Pookyball system, was a community request.

12/04 - v1.0.2
  • The Pass Rarity Upgrade mechanic has been expanded. We're happy to hear player feedback on this evolution!

  • Added further clarifications in the Tokenomics section, notably #spending-flows

05/04 - v1.0.1
  • Updated naming conventions

    • "Diamond" is renamed to "PookyDollar"

    • "Silver" is renamed to "TPK-Replica"

04/04 - v1.0.0
  • Added visuals throughout the paper

  • Typo corrections

  • Wording clarifications following first player feedbacks

25/03 - v0.0.8
  • Large additions to TOKENOMICS - $RUSH, ScoreRushToken

    • Updated to latest model version

    • Added launch token allocations

    • Added walkthrough examples

  • Added up-to-date pricing throughout the whitepaper

  • Naming updates

    • $TOKEN -> $TPK

    • Pass Upgrades -> Stickers

    • Team Stickers -> Team Boosters

    • Talent tree -> Skill tree

21/03 - v0.0.7
  • All mentioned spreadsheets are now publicly readable and downloadable

  • Removed the internal disclaimer

  • Clarified MARKETPLACES

18/03 - v0.0.6
  • Consumable generation

    • Pass Upgrades list updated - no longer includes generating extra consumables

    • New system: Booster Generators

  • #pass-upgrade-ascension - system has been reworked and is now Diamond-based.

  • Pass Attributes and Pass Upgrade lists have been updated

  • Pass always has Exact and Outcome as initial attributes

  • Rewards

    • Added a bottom 50% Diamond reward

    • Added a top F2P Diamond reward

14/03 - v0.0.5
  • Clarifications and list updates throughout Consumable, League Pass

  • Updated

    • League Pass Attributes and Pass Upgrade spreadsheets

01/03 - v0.0.4
16/02 - v0.0.3
  • Added Crafting & Recycling

  • General numbers updates

12/02 - v0.0.2

First complete overview of systems for an internal purpose

26/01 - v0.0.1

Initiation of this document.

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