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The company Pooky Games LTD (the "Company") operates the websites pooky.gg and scorerush.game, the browser game Pooky, and the mobile game ScoreRush. We provide online gaming platforms on the blockchain (the "Platforms"). In order to transparently inform users of the services provided on the Platforms and the potential risks entailed by its use, the Company publishes the present informative document (the "Whitepaper").

By using the Platforms users acknowledge having the necessary knowledge and understanding of (i) blockchain technologies, digital assets and the risks associated, including the inherent volatility of assets and related risks of loss, and (ii) online gaming which involves a financial risk and may be addictive.

The Company undertakes to provide access to appropriate and accurate content in the Whitepaper.

However, the Whitepaper is only for informational purposes and must not be interpreted as an inducement nor an offering for any investment whatsoever.

The services on the Platforms are provided "as is", exclusive of any warranty whatsoever.

It is hereby recalled that the Company disclaims all liability and indemnification obligations to anyone whatsoever, for any direct or indirect harm, loss or damage

  • caused by a user of the Platforms or a third party;

  • incurred from (i) the wording or interpretation of any information contained in this Whitepaper or made available by the Company, or (ii) any error, omission or inaccuracy in any such information;

  • related to any of the following risks:

    • Economic risks, including but not limited to (i) partial or total loss of value; (ii) market extreme volatility; (iii) the absence of liquidity and impossible resale on a marketplace;

    • Technological risks, including but not limited to security error or failure associated or not with the blockchain, resulting in hacking and stealing the Platforms' data (Sybil attacks, smurfing malware attacks or any other method that may or may not be known);

    • Legal risks, including but not limited to (i) the lack of regulation and the subsequent lack of guarantees associated with NFTs on regulated markets; (ii) the potential submission of the Platforms to AML/CFT requirements; (iii) any amendment, restriction or legal prohibition in the applicable legislation, regulations, opinions, decisions, injunctions, that may impact the existence, lawfulness or status of cryptographic tokens or at least intellectual property rights tokenization (including their market liquidity and price).

Finally, users of the Platforms understand that the Company may update, modify or correct this Whitepaper and its Services at its sole discretion, without prior notice.

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