ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸ’ŧTeam and Partners

Our team is fully doxxed on LinkedIn.

The team also plays our games, restricted up to Rare rarities, for the good of the development process.

Pooky core team


🏊‍♂ïļ Claudio - Co-founder

ðŸŽū Stefano - Co-founder

ðŸŽŪ Pierre - Game Director

🏀 Eivydas - Marketing Director


âšū Jonathan - Design team lead

âš― Pedro - Product designer


âš― Andreja - Frontend engineer

ðŸ›ī Filip - Frontend engineer

ðŸŽū Claudiu - Backend engineer

ðŸŽķ Mihaly - Backend engineer

🏍ïļ Danilo - QA engineer


âš― Nick - Content & social media

â›ģ Greg - Operations

  • Manfred Mantschev, former Head of Blockchain at Atari, currently Investor at Noia Capital

  • Jesse Stein, Founder and CEO of EveryRealm

  • Alfred Vesligaj, former Game Designer at Splinterlands, currently Economy Designer at Seedify

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