Player rewards

Total Monthly Rewards

Total monthly allocation will follow a formula based on the following parameters:

  • Maximum token velocity (MTV)

    • This is the maximum amount of $RUSH that can be distributed in a given month.

    • This is currently set at 12%.

  • % of token in the rewardPool

    • This is how much $RUSH is available and forever reserved for player rewards.

    • This value will evolve throughout the life of the game.

  • Season target per League Pass dollar (STpD)

    • This is how much $RUSH we're looking to distribute in a current season, under the assumption that the rewardPool is 100% full.

    • This is currently set at 50 $RUSH per Dollar spent.

  • Adjusted Season target per League Pass dollar (ASTpD)

    • Adjusted season target (ASTpD) is the multiplication of,

      • STpD,

      • % of total $RUSH supply contained with the rewardPool

      • As an example, if the rewardPool is 40% full and STpD = 50, then ASTpD = 20

  • League Pass spending per league

    • This is a valuation of the League Passes, per league. For simplicity, only the rarity is taken into account.

  • Matchdays calendar

    • We will be planning the reward per matchday over the seasons' length, and will be updating that value dynamically every month.

    • Each League is building its own percentage of the reward pool every month, based on the total league spending, and the matchday schedule.

    • From there, we will calculate for each league a Matchday value.

      • As an example, if a League has $300,000 spent and 8 matchdays per season, the matchday spending value is $37,500.

      • If that same League has 3 matchdays in March 2025, then the March 2025 spending value for this matchday is $112,500.

Walkthrough examples - total monthly rewards

For readers' simplicity, we'll reduce this example to 2 leagues.

  • League B has

    • 16 matchdays per season, including 2 in March 2025

    • 500,000$ total pass spending

    • Each matchday spending value is 31,250$

    • Month matchday spending value is 62.500$

  • League A has

    • 8 matchdays per season, including 3 in March 2025

    • Spending value will be split in the 2 cases below.

  • Other hypothesis

    • MTV = 12%

    • STpD = 40

    • Reward pool is 40% full (400m $RUSH)

    • In this case, ASTpD = 50 * 40% = 20

Case 1: League A has 300,000$ total pass spending

  • League A monthly allocation is 20 * 112,500 = $RUSH 2,250,000

  • League B monthly allocation is 20 * 62,500 = $RUSH 1,250,000

  • Total rewards of $RUSH 3,500,000 are under the maximum monthly distribution (12% * 400m = 48m $RUSH)

Case 2: League A has 30,000,000$ total pass spending

  • League A monthly allocation is 20 * 11,250,000 = $RUSH 225,000,000

  • League B monthly allocation is 20 * 62,500 = $RUSH 1,250,000

  • Total rewards of $RUSH 226,250,000 exceed the maximum monthly distribution (12% * 400m = 48m $RUSH). All rewards are scaled to match the 48m target, and are reduced by a 48/226.25 coefficient:

    • League A $RUSH allocation is scaled to 47,73m $RUSH

    • League B $RUSH allocation is scaled to 265k $RUSH

The scaling down effect described in case 2 is a direct factor of STpD value. It only starts kicking in after a significant amount of League Passes have been purchased.

League Specific Monthly Rewards Split

From the above, we now have the amount of $RUSH assigned to a specific league.

It will then be split between the various rewards sources:

  • 72% will be split between the various Matchdays included in the Month

  • 18% will go to the Monthly Leaderboard

  • 10% will be split between the various Matchdays included in the month and will go to the best player per Pass Rarity

    • 1.2% will be split between Uncommon winners of the month

    • 1.5% will be split between Rare winners of the month

    • 1.8% will be split between Epic winners of the month

    • 2.2% will be split between Iconic winners of the month

    • 3.3% will be split between Legendary+ winners of the month

Walkthrough example - league rewards split

Using the example above of case 1, League B, which had 2 Matchdays and a reward pool of 1,250,000 $RUSH

  • Each Matchday leaderboard rewards 36% = 450k $RUSH

  • The Monthly leaderboard rewards 225k $RUSH

  • On each of the two Matchdays,

    • The Top Uncommon player receives 7,500 $RUSH

    • The Top Rare player receives 9,375 $RUSH

    • The Top Epic player receives 11,250 $RUSH

    • The Top Iconic player receives 13,750 $RUSH

    • The Top Legendary+ player receives 20,625 $RUSH

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