To enhance our game's accessibility and attract a wider audience, we are focusing on simplifying the entry process into our web3 ecosystem.

This notably means:

  • Removing the need for a wallet prior to participation.

  • Removing the need for gas fees, thereby removing the complex step of acquiring cryptocurrency on the specific network, which can be daunting for newcomers.

  • Removing the requirement for users to sign for every significant in-game transaction.

As such, we will create a replica of the $RUSH, called RUSH. Game functions using $RUSH will be labeled in RUSH.

RUSH and $RUSH are exchangeable with a 1:1 ratio through a ScoreRush interface. This allows players to seamlessly transfer $RUSH into the game as RUSH or convert their in-game RUSH back to $RUSH, which can then be withdrawn to their personal wallets.

To guarantee that there are always sufficient funds for players wishing to convert their RUSH into $RUSH, Pooky will establish an 'equivalentContract.' This smart contract will hold a balance of $RUSH that matches the total amount of RUSH circulating in the game. The contract's balance will be reconciled daily to ensure that it always reflects 100% of the RUSH in circulation.

The introduction of RUSH is designed to simplify in-game interactions between friends. For example, sending RUSH to another player will not require any blockchain transaction fees (Gas), transaction confirmations, or the sharing of complex wallet addressesβ€”only the recipient's in-game nickname is needed. Additionally, creating a marketplace with prices set in RUSH and ScoreRushDollars will be more straightforward, as it eliminates the need to interact directly with blockchain technology for each transaction.

RUSH will also be exchangeable for ScoreRushDollars at the market rate, and will grant 1.1$ worth of ScoreRushDollar for every 1$ worth of RUSH. This fundamentally means that anything in ScoreRush can be purchased using $RUSH, directly or indirectly.

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