Utility & spending flows

Spending Flows


When players spend RUSH within ScoreRush:

  • 82.8% of the spending goes back to the rewardPool (exclusively used for future rewards for players);

  • 9.2% goes to the Company Treasury, to fund development and operations;

  • 8% is burnt, increasing the value of all other existing $RUSH

RUSH has the following utility:

  • Players can buy ScoreRushDollars using RUSH at any time. This essentially means the $RUSH can be used for any type of marketplace purchase.

    • Additionally, any RUSH exchange for ScoreRushDollars will come with a 10% bonus ScoreRushDollars. For example, spending 100$ worth of $RUSH will grant you 110$ worth of ScoreRushDollars.

  • Secondary marketplace will support RUSH for both transactions and fees

  • The following features will be labeled in RUSH only:

    • Level up to 3 times faster using RUSH

    • Skill Tree can be leveled by earning Avatar XP, or by spending RUSH

    • Several convenience features will be labelled in RUSH only (reroll of league pass attributes, reset of Skill Tree, merge consumables...)

  • Future development will further increase the utility of the $RUSH.


ScoreRushDollars are an in-game currency, that can be purchased with Fiat, RUSH, or obtained through rewards and gift codes. They allow purchasing main game items (League Passes, Stickers packs, Generators packs, TeamBooster packs).

When players spend ScoreRushDollars, no other flow occurs. TheScoreRushDollars are removed in exchange for the item.

Note that ScoreRushDollars cannot be withdrawn from the game, they can only be used inside of the ScoreRush marketplace.

Fiat Money

When players spend fiat money to purchase ScoreRushDollars, the proceeds go to Pooky's treasury.

It is important to clarify that labelling in Fiat or in Token is neutral until operational costs are covered.

  • Either Pooky receives fiat and spends it to maintain and grow the game (no token flow), or;

  • Pooky receives $RUSH, then has to sell it against Fiat for the same purpose (both a buy and sell flow).

As such, until operational costs are covered, whether players spend in Fiat or Token is irrelevant to the token appreciation.

Once operations are covered, fiat proceeds will be used within legal bounds to:

  • Support the $RUSH stability and appreciation

  • Support player base growth

  • Create occasional reward events

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